Top 5 casinos in India

It is usually believed that Las Vegas must have the largest casinos in the world. Surprise Surprise!! It isn’t in the top 10! This shows that like many other addictions, the thrill of gambling is also universal. Though Gambling is illegal in India, it is very much legal in Goa, and the Casino Business contributes a handsome amount to the state revenue. With gambling becoming a good leisure time activity for tourists, the Government of India has encouraged licensed and reputed casinos at high demand tourist locations in the country.

Indian gambling was introduced in 1979, and following series of court battles, Seminoles were given the right to operate Bingo Hall. After recognition by U.S Supreme court in 1987, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed in 1988.

Some of the Top Casinos are:

  1. Deltin Royale – Owned by the company known as the Delta Corp Limited, which was founded in 1990, this group has the country’s largest Casino and Integrated Resorts. It is located on a boat in Goa and has recently opened a new land Casino in Daman. It is also known as the gamers paradise. It will organise the World Gaming Festival from 30th November to 4Th December in Goa and offers different packages to promote the festival.
  2. Casino Pride – One of the most trusted brands in Goa, it is said to offer the best gaming in India, with a place for 500 people at a time. Both Casino Pride and Casino Pride 2 are floating casinos located on a yacht, with the vessel worth 110million rupees. It has 11tables of American Roulette, Blackjack and Rummy along with a few electronic slot machines.
  3. Casino Pearl – The largest casino in South Goa, Casino Pearl offers games like Tai- Sao, BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat, Robotic Baccarat and electronic slot machines. Located just 15minutes away from the Goa International Airport, in a plush 5star resort – Bogmallo Beach Resort, it is very much favoured by tourists.
  4. Casino Paradise – One of the best floating casinos and most luxurious onshore Casino in India, Casino Paradise is situated in Neo Majestic, a luxurious and extravagant 5 Star business hotel. Located close to the capital of Goa, Panaji, its lavish interiors give a majestic feeling. Games offered are Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Horse Racing, Mini Flush, Tai Sai, Wheel of Fortune, Robotic Arm Baccarat and Slot machines.
  5. Strike Casino – It is the latest Casino in Goa set up in Grand Hyatt Goa premise. It offers popular card games like Money Wheel, Roulette, Rummy and Blackjack. Strike Casino claims to offer latest slot machine games and other games which are not present in any other casino, being the first 10 to be launched in Asia. It also offers the latest Roulette, BlackJack, Mini Poker and Indian Flush Games.

I hope this will help you in narrowing down your options. (Deciding on where to go takes the most of my time!) Hope you have a good time in (all or one of these) licensed and reputed casinos.

This article was written by Reena.

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